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Web, iOS & Android Applications — Designed, Developed and Deployed.

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Real Time Web

Interact with and present data in real time within apps and websites.

High Performance

Responsive applications result in greater user satisfaction.

Scalable Architecture

Platforms designed to scale from the outset.

CoreOS Virtualisation

Run critical services across multiple cloud providers.

Location Based Services

Tied application behaviour to users locations.

API Based Foundation

Applications designed from the API up.

Multiple Platform Deployment

Plan from the start and roll out to three major platforms.

  • Web and Desktop

    The best approach for for office environments.

  • Apple iOS & OSX

    Deploy your solution to iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX.

  • Google Android

    Deploy to the largest App Store.

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Complete Stack

We develop complete solutions. From robust infrastructure through to user friendly UX — we can handle it all. By designing, developing and managing solutions from the ground up; we can ensure they surpass your expectations.

Application scope can be progressively increased as time and budgets allow. This gives you an opportunity to gauge demand and quickly assert dominance should your product prove successful.

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Difficult Problem?

We have a great track record when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems. From how your application engages with the physical world through to heavy load and throughput issues. We have the experience and resources to help.

What next?

We're open to discussing possibilities and are happy to submit tenders to projects we think are suited to our skill sets. Contact us and we can establish if we're a good fit for you and your project.